what should I blog about?

good morning bloggers! I would like to know what you would like to see on here, what kinds of things would you like to see posted? please comment what you think! xoxo


5 thoughts on “what should I blog about?

  1. KCole's Creative Corner says:

    I think that you should blog about what types of exercises that burn the most calories. Or maybe there’s a exercise routine that you follow; you could blog about that. Maybe an exercise equipment review. Or share with us how to eat healthier. or even an inspirational workout or health quote would be nice. Lastly, you may want to share with us your playlist that you listen to while working out. These are just some suggestions. But thanks for taking them into consideration!

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  2. How about a blog about avoiding injury….for example: ways to avoid runner’s rash….aka chafing…seems to be something that keeps from people from trying to stay active. Not glamorous, but practical.

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  3. More thoughts on blog topics:
    – Are your shoes the root of all evil? Differeny types of shoes for different activities and style of running (pronation)
    -Hair, here, there and everywhere: keeping it out of your face and healthy. Bring in the issues with African American women. They spend the most on their hair and dont want it messed up in the gym!
    -Running schedules….getting prepared to start a running regimin (sp?), a 5k schedule and how to keep motivated….later on a 10k
    -The importance of wiping down you gym equipment (a pet peeve of mine), keeping yourself healthy at the gym!
    -Tips on keeping a food journal, am I eating enough to loose weight?

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