hey! I’m back(:

hey guys! Okay, so I’m really sorry I haven’t been on in months, wow. There was an unexpected death in my family and it was just really hard for me to keep up with this. But I am happy to say that I am back!! Have a great night bloggers!(:

post-work out smoothie (:

hey bloggers,

this is my new favorite smoothie, Strawberry-Kiwi! this smoothie isn’t really a “post work-out” smoothie but, I just decided to try something different(: I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes anything strawberry-kiwi!

here’s the link~ http://fitbottomedeats.com/2013/03/strawberry-kiwi-smoothie-recipe/

tonights topic~ WILLPOWER

“willpower is a muscle. the more you use it, the stronger it gets.”  Willpower is a REALLY important thing to have when you are trying to reach a goal, in this case- getting healthy and fit.

Willpower is basically self control, you need to know your limits and know when to stop.

Example: If you eat when you get upset, think before you do. Instead of going for the ice cream or the cookies, go into a different direction and eat some fresh fruit.

{photo creds to: http://comfortshoos.com/2013/12/09/psychological-fitness-crossfit-qa-part-4/}